Les Coaches

Les Coaches Boris et Thierry DUMAS


Born February 16, 1992 at the maternity hospital of ORANGE (84) while his family was living in BUIS les Baronnies where he lived his childhood.

Cheerful child, always he was interest in music and dance. 6 years old, he was the only one boy of the Isabelle Bontempelli’s modern school dance.

During his Adolescence he follows guitar lessons and discovered a common passion with his uncle Frederic for the drums.

Very close to his father, he follows him throughout his professional and sports activities. He sit the Professional Certificate and License of cooking after learning started at the age of 15 years with the best chiefs of the place, (Le Moulin à Huile, Le Leonardo, Le Bateleur, Le Mesclun, Le Grand Pré).

He forged a boy reputation as quiet, without stories and anxious to do well.

In July 2012 he is employed as second head of “UNIVERSAL” and at the end of holiday season expressed the desire to work in JUMPY FORME, his father’s company …

In first, Thierry was surprised because he knows the passion of Boris for cooking, but understood his research approach to a healthy life in all respects, sleep food and family life. After a severe selection Boris is accepted for BPJEPS AGFF Training at the SPORT- Mediterranean Sea CFA provided by the Montpellier University Club.

Discovering his full of dynamic leadership and the originality of his choreography, Boris is unanimously approved by the customers.

Eager to improve in all aspects of Fitness he follows many classes of “Locking, Hip Hop in the Sophie CAMINADE Studio in NIMES, and participates actively in the interventions of his father in the Bodybuilding and Physical Preparation fields.

He represents the new generation of Fitness teachers.

No show off but respect for customers

Thierry DUMAS

Born 27th September 1951 at VAISON la Romaine, mother and father both from VAISON, in fact 6 generations from VAISON with origins from ARIEGE on his father’s side.

Educated by his parents and his grandfather according to the principles of respecting your elders and the importance of a job well done. Uncompromising when he has given his word.

Which explains his temperament and his frankness !

A real Provencal, proud of his origins and who can stand the pain. His passion is to teach his students and see them progress.

2 years in the army in ALGERIA, then after studying for 3 years in Toulouse, he passed his Psychometric diploma in 1976. Having worked for several companies dealing with children with behavioural problems and delinquents, he left in 1991 as director of an Educational Medical Institute.

Thierry DUMAS

Boxing and sport helped him overcome any professional difficulties and face unfavourable situations.

Having understood he preferred working alone he set up a small business doing general repairs JUMPY SERVICES, which he finally gave up in 1997 to concentrate fully on his gym JUMPY FORME, bought in March 1996 on the advice from his friend André PANZA, a boxer and Champion of the world.

He decided to work for Himself and set about doing various training courses on fitness techniques with some of the best people in the business.

At the same time he was preparing for the sports instructor’s diploma with an option for English Boxing which he passed in 2001, followed by the Physical Preparation Diploma of University which he got in 2005.

Thierry et Mireille

In 2006 he fulfilled a childhood dream and passed his pilot’s license and gets away from everything by going sailing on a little sailboat with his wife as the only member of the crew.

The gym is open 6 days a week, in summer, except bank holidays.