La Préparation Physique

Very fashionable at the moment it is actually a program worked out by a qualified professional. This professional is not the coach, but his part is very important in the sport-staff.

He allows the athlete to be more effective and able to cope with the harsh training that his sport and objective have imposed upon him.

At JUMPY FORME the physical preparation meets the demand from athletes of a high level and those who have a sport’s project, exam or competition.

Cyril BOUFFIER Champion de France Promo Sport and Mathias BELLINO Champion de France Junior Moto Cross, Champion du Monde Junior par équipe 2011 are keeping up a physical plan for their races schedule.


The Physical Preparation software programme allows the athlete to follow his progress ,to calculate his results and the amount of work using this method.

It’s the real way to improve Speed, Strength, Power and Endurance.